Making a Strategy for Fully Integrated Content Marketing

September 2, 2016 Postmedia Content Works, Marketing Mag

So you're looking to introduce content marketing to your strategy. 

Welcome. We've been waiting for you. 

There's one thing we'll warn you of now: content marketing isn't a side job. It's not the back burner strategy implement or a project for fun either (though you can have TONS of fun with it). 

Content has to do and be a couple of things: 

1. Answer the needs of your audience and provide value. 

Research it. You should already know what you're talking about but you also need to know who you're talking to and literally what makes them tick.

2. Be implemented fully, across all sectors of your business. 

Content has the potential for great reach (it's not another pitch-slappy ad). But it needs to have reach within the organization of your business too. Make sure employees understand it and that they are working towards the goal.

It's a growing force, content. But what differentiates it so much from the campaign mindset of advertising is that it creates the beginning of long-term relationships with customers by giving them something that they need. 

Master these things and you may just be able to join our club. 

Tangerine sure has. Check out Marketing Mag's review of their work with content marketing below.

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