Lucky Charms Is Going After Millennials

August 11, 2016 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai, Content Editor

Nothing ever seems to be as good nowadays as it was when we were all children. 

Whether it's a particular board game, TV show or food, childhood is what people define as the new golden years - especially for millennials.

One case in point: Lucky Charms. "They're after me lucky charms!" Remember those cartoon commercials? 

The brand kept it up for several years, but then realized that it's pretty limiting to be exclusively a children's brand. Yet here's the funny part: they kept making their commercials for kids, but forgot those kids once they got past the age of 10. 

Enter the 2016 version of Lucky Charms, a Lucky Charms that produces spots for millennials. Specifically, the millennials that grew up with the cereal, remember it fondly and still have strong feelings about moon vs. heart marshmallow. 

It's a clever move: not only is the brand broadening its target audience, but it's also redefining how consumers view the cereal. 

For all the details, read Strategy's coverage on the The Great Mallow debate. They have the insider look at General Mills' strategy (and we dig it). 

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