Learning with Logan: June 13 - 20

June 21, 2017 Logan Kazman

Do you know what it means to be a social butterfly?

It's not that person you envied in high school who could talk about anything with anyone.

It's the person who can hang with the hashtags, be in the know on which social media giants owns which app and navigate the all the tiny (or huge) feature updates that you had no idea about.

Oh and this all happens well before her first coffee, we might add. 

Logan Kazman, The Tite Group's own social media specialist, is just that person around here. Every Tuesday, she'll be sharing "Learning with Logan" where you'll get the inside scoop on the top social media news of the week. 

All in point form too. Phew!

Amazon Prime Wardrobe  

  • Amazon’s latest (besides buying WholeFoods) is their Prime Wardrobe. Currently, in beta, the program launched today giving users the ability to buy clothes and have free pick-up for clothes you don’t want to keep.

  • What’s more is that you only pay for the clothing that you keep and there is no upfront charge.

  • Hit or Miss: Talk about incentive. This new feature definitely adds a little extra for those who are still undecided about becoming a Prime member. This update is revamping the online shopping world, giving users access to try clothes on in the comfort of their home before purchasing them. While it’s hard to say how this program will roll out, I for one, think it will give brick-and-mortar retailers a run for their money. Or should I say (garments?) 

Mom on with Yoplait 

  • In Yoplait’s latest spot, the yogurt brand plays on mom-moments that matter. The minute-long ad plays into what the brand refers to as rules of motherhood. All of which are based around the fact that someone is always judging their parenting style.

  • Yoplait parodies common issues that mom face throughout the entire spot. My personal favourite is the final line that touches on the constant pressure to feed their kids with organic, free-range, GMO-free foods.  

  • Hit or Miss: A clever ad that is both shareable and relatable. Yoplait is effectively leveraging the mommy target to build brand affinity through everyday truths and comic relief. Above that, the spot shows consumers how Yoplait cares and supports the different parenting styles that all moms choose to adopt. 

Facebook’s Father Day Takeover 

  • Just like any other Hallmark holiday, Facebook seizes the opportunity to join in the conversation.

  • Facebook rolled out Father’s Day photo stickers, filters, cards, and more on both Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and of course Facebook itself.

  • Hit or Miss: I think it’s a smart move on Facebook’s part to get involved and make sharing content on owned platforms fun, easy, and of course, engaging. While it's a little bit of an obvious move, it's still one that makes sense.

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