Learning with Logan: January 2 - 9

January 10, 2017 Logan Kazman, Social Media Strategist

Do you know what it means to be a social butterfly?

It's not that person you envied in high school who could talk about anything with anyone.

It's the person who can hang with the hashtags, be in the know on which social media giants owns which app and navigate the all the tiny (or huge) feature updates that you had no idea about.

Oh and this all happens well before her first coffee, we might add. 

Logan Kazman, The Tite Group's own social media specialist, is just that person around here. Every Tuesday, she'll be sharing "Learning with Logan" where you'll get the inside scoop on the top social media news of the week. 

All in point form too. Phew!

Apple’s Portrait Mode 

  • Apple just released a brand new ad showcasing the Portrait mode functionality available on all iPhone 7 plus phones only (reason for this, is that it takes advantage of the two cameras in the device that allows 9 levels of depth detection). On my most recent trip to Arizona, my family was playing around with the technology and shot our own portrait pictures. See my favourite below. 

  • Hit or Miss: Without a doubt, this iPhone function is a hit. The upgraded camera is making it even easier for people to forgo the heavy cameras and solely travel with their smartphone. The spot is also a hit as it showcases just how easy the camera is to use. Especially in a world where time is of the essence, Apple helps bring quality and convenience together in one device. 

Zooming Through Gender Norms 

  • Audi Spain’s latest spot, “The Doll That Chose to Drive” is a playful and powerful piece that demonstrates how girls too can be a part of the wonders of cars like Audi.  

  • Hit or Miss: This spot is so great because it's an exact demonstration of what Audi is all about and what Audi wants to be. In this spot, Audi positions itself as a brand that wants to help eradicate gender stereotypes by showing that both females and males alike can drive (and drive in style, might I add).  

  • As Audi Spain rep Ignacio Gonzalez states, “[the spot] is the brand's way of helping to promote a more egalitarian social model ... starting with boys and girls, tomorrow's drivers" 

Facebook Live Sets Record on NYE

  • As mentioned in previous Learning with Logan segments, Facebook live is a powerful tool that has and continues to take the social landscape by storm. The same held true on New Year’s Eve. Except this time, live video actually “broke records that made this the biggest night since launch.”

  • Hit or Miss: From data like this, it’s clear that Facebook live is a powerful tool that both brands and users are taking advantage of. The problem however, is making sure that your voice is being heard amidst all the other social chatter posted. Just like with anything shared online, in order to retain eyeballs and peoples’ time, brands and consumers need to focus on quality over quantity. It’s not about how many live videos you can make and for how long, it’s about the type of video that is made.  

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