It's Time for Agencies to Turn the Music Up

July 28, 2016 Lucinda Southern of Digiday

If you can hear a pin drop in your agency, your employees are either ghosts, not moving or way too absorbed within the glowing screen in front of them. 

It's a problem. 

There's always going to be times where astute focus is necessary - that's obvious. Someone's gotta do the work, right? 

But the earbud culture that has seeped into our daily commutes, weekend strolls and 9-5 work spaces might not be the best thing, according to Digiday's case for office music

See, as much effort that is put into an agency's strategy should be put into the agency's culture and environment. Happy customers? What about happy employees? They matter too. Employees are the brains of an organization. They come up with the ideas and see them into reality.

Add music into the mix and people start chatting with one another. We know. Real-life interaction. Shocking. There's something about good beats that gets people to shed their inhibitions and just plain chat with one another. 

It's even possible to "democratize" the music experience with voting systems, similar to what Poke Radio is trying to do. 

Here at The Tite Group, we have Apple TV and a computer screen in the main work area where people can connect their music and play it on demand. Let's just say it keeps us hustling through our days. 

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