"It's OK to Be Terrible"

December 30, 2016 Josh O'Dell of Marketing Profs

Writing is one of those things that's somewhere in between torture and liberation. 

Torture because that brilliant idea in your head doesn't always translate so brilliantly (read: easily) into words. 

Yet, once you did hit that sweet spot and fill the pages, it's a pretty awesome feeling of getting an idea out there. 

Especially for copywriters, who where several different hats simultaneously, all meant to represent the different brands these copywriters have to embody, writing with ease doesn't always come immediately no matter their experience. 

While you continue to throw your paper at the proverbial garbage bin in the corner of the room, try thinking of it like this: maybe your struggles are actually just showing how good you really are. 

Josh O'Dell of Marketing Profs says it's OK to be terrible, because while you're trying to figure out that damn word, you're also showing off just how deeply you think about things. 

Try to flip your thinking. We'll be waiting for your awesome words once you do. 

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