In-Person Communication Isn't Dead (Yet)

September 15, 2016 Jared Lindzon of Fast Company

Turns out Gen-Z and millennial employees actually will take their earbuds out every once and awhile. 

Shocking, we know, considering that they grew up in the age of the great World Wide Web and all the fancy gobbledegook that comes with it. 

Actually, nearly 40% of them would prefer in-person communication over email, social networking, etc. Hey old fogies, maybe YOU should put your phone down. 

There's a good lesson to be learned here about understanding this new generation of workers. They may have different values and come from different kinds of formal training, but they miss the actual person-to-person interaction that is often assumed missing from their generation. Millennials would actually rather work in a corporate environment than remotely if it meant they got to see other fellow homo sapiens. 

This means that corporate culture matters. It can't be a stale welcome guide sent through email or even slapped onto a desk on someone's first day. As much as businesses want to give positive experiences to their clients, their employees should be considered just as much. 

After all, these are the people who make the work happen. Generational differences will sometimes catch us off guard, sometimes by humour, sometimes by horror. 

The bottom line is that if a business wants to thrive, it has to do so within. So start by knowing your workers, according to Fast Company's new data

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