How to Read Data Like an Expert

November 18, 2016 Erik Sherman of Inc.

Big data. Small data. Moderately-sized data. 

Who really knows how to decipher it all? Depending on what you read, one is more important than the other and another is more accurate than the rest of them. 


Doesn't matter if you're the 'creative type' of the world or the Bay Street (for our American friends, that's Wall Street to you) bankers. Being able to read numbers is crucial. 

It's unfortunate, but when something gets published (and not even just on the interweb) people believe it. 

If it got published, it must be right. Right?

Well, not necessarily. Sometimes data gets skewed. Sometimes data has huge margins of error or totally leaves out a specific side of it. 

Luckily, Inc. is giving you five easy ways to avoid getting duped by data

1. Look for insight AND confirmation. 

2. Look at the sample size. 

3. Look at the response rate. 

4. Understand margin of error! 

5. Look at what questions were asked. 

Follow the link for more explanation. 

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