How to Atomize Your Work

August 26, 2016 Emily King of Content Marketing Institute

Oh, the harsh sting of being a one-hit wonder. 

There have been so many, and they've all resulted in achy-breaky hearts. 

The thing about one-hit wonders in the content world, is that they really just represent missed opportunities. People who didn't think beyond the creation and distribution to see if the content in question could actually be multiple pieces of content. 

In this Battle for Time, if you're going to be separate from the others doing basic work then don't do what everyone else is doing. Don't settle for 1 post if you can stretch it into 10. 

Word of caution before proceeding: don't screw it up. Don't spew endless streams of crap just for the sake of making all the content you can. Make sure each piece expands upon the previous and offers a new kind of value each time. 

Sometimes posts just can't be stretched. But if they can, check out this awesome case study by CMI that will walk you through atomization step-by-step

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