How Pixar Uses Music to Make Connections

August 19, 2016 Joe Berkowitz of Fast Company

We're not afraid to admit we cried during Up. We cried when Bing Bong faded away in Inside Out and we cried when Sulley had to say goodbye to Boo in Monster's Inc

It's a commonly known fact that Pixar movies make people cry. These movies are intended for children, but the adults 'literally can't even.'

But that's what's awesome about these movies. Crying is a good indicator of an emotional reaction. And often, these emotional reactions happen because something or someone triggers a response to something we connect to. Or in the case of Pixar, these connections get forged because the movies are just that darn good.

A goal of good content often includes getting these reactions out of people. The question is how and the answer will vary depending on audience needs and brand goals. But, it's not always the direct piece of content that will do it for people. The scenery and environment holds more clout than you know. 

To explain further, we present this awesome break down by Fast Company of a video done by Sideways on YouTube. 

What if it's the music, not the scenes, in Pixar movies that make people cry? Take a cue on how to tug on people's heartstrings (and get their minutes in return). 

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