How Better Logos Can Better Government

September 23, 2016 OZY, Adobe

"It creates stress in peoples' minds. They don't want to deal with it!" 

Surprise, surprise, we're talking about politics. 

Governments, to be exact. 

Navigating the mess of political jargon, candidate scandals and policy declarations is hard enough. It doesn't make it easier when the visual identity of said political body is chaotic. 

Canada has been used to a streamlined visual political identity since for over 40 years. Red means liberal, blue means conservative, green means green. We Canucks know what a government building looks with just a glance and we can expect that no matter the department, they all look the same. 

Boring? No, simple. Smart, actually. 

See the problem with too many messy visuals is that it causes conflicts in the minds of everyday citizens. People form associations when they see images. It's even easier for us to recall things when there's the element of consistency. 

So can governments be better and have better engaged citizens by creating better logos? Yes, argues David Jalbert-Gagnier, one of OZY's Rising Stars. 

See OZY's eye-opening interview with the design strategist below. Keep it simple, stupid. 

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