Holiday 2017's Best Ads

December 4, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

Ah, the holidays. It’s certainly that time of year again.

Especially from a retail perspective, holidays have been top of mind for some time now. Other than planning for Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness, brands know that planning for the holidays is essential.

Yes, people are shopping. But it’s also that time of year when people start to really reflect on the things that matter most.

Consumers know things get crazy and that’s exactly why they want to focus on things like memories, values, and special moments.

And when it comes to brands and their values, it can’t just be about “oh, it’s Christmas – let’s make a cute ad about giving back.” No, it has to be a unique piece of content that is evident of the values that brand believes in all year round, for all the years to come. That’s what the expression of real values is. Besides, viewers can spot a forced warm tiding from a mile away.

So, to keep the warm and fuzzy feelings going, we’ve compiled our top 10 favourite holiday ads from this 2017 season. These are the brands who stayed true to their values and created the engaging content that supports them.

This is what captured our minutes this week:

1. “Giving Is a Gift to Be Shared” – Samsung

While this ad may end with the charming door man getting a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, we love this ad for the idea behind it.

Mention of the “holidays” can be a tricky thing to navigate. There’s a lot of sensitivity in making sure that the holidays aren’t just about Christmas. But that they’re also about Hanukkah, Diwali, or Chinese New Year.

Samsung handled the conversation with ease, reminding viewers that the holidays can be anything we want them to be because at the end of the day, our backgrounds don’t matter. Instead, it’s about sharing in special moments together and giving to others as we can – one holiday garland at a time.

2. “Baked” from Neighborhood of Good – State Farm

Speaking of giving back, State Farm created a short and sweet ad to touch on its ongoing “Neighborhood of Good” tool. The brand understands that during the holidays there’s a lot of pressure to give back. And sometimes, we just give without thinking.

But perhaps we could make giving easier if it’s something that we really care about. People always want to donate their time during the holidays but don’t know how. So, State Farm quietly reminds them that there’s a tool that wipes all of that concern away.

This is what giving back is really about.

3. “#MozTheMonster” – John Lewis

We may have included this ad because John Lewis ads are really what kick off the holiday season. But that said, the storytelling in this sweet spot is what really made us watch.

John Lewis traditionally tries to make adverts that talk about giving gifts with meaning to those we care about. This one is no different. Gifting doesn’t have to be frivolous. In fact, we could all use a little something in the holiday season to give us some extra reassurance. Sometimes that something is a stuffed monster toy, or a nightlight.

Either way, John Lewis wants us to give gifts that brighten someone’s world.

4. “Bottle” – Ikea

Ikea is nothing but on brand at all times. No matter the spot, the Swedish furniture brand never fails to remember that it’s about those life moments, especially with family.

What we love in this spot (other than making us grab tissues), is that it reminds us to create the holiday season and world that we want. Maybe it’s sweet messages in the brand’s KORKEN bottles. In any case, we’re shown that even in the hardest moments we all the power to turn them into something special.  

5. “Create Wonder in Your World” – HP

HP is all about creativity and creating with smart tools. So it’s no wonder that this spot takes a wonderfully sweet take on those beliefs.

We wish the product placement wasn’t so abrupt at the end, but still, we appreciate the brand for weaving a story that’s all about creating some magic for those who perhaps can’t see it right away.

6. “#ReindeerReady” – McDonald’s U.K.

It’s admittedly a little funny to watch a McDonald’s ad about carrots. But that’s why we love this so much.

While quietly touching on the brand’s healthier offerings, McDonald’s won over our attention by getting us all in the mood for the holidays. We see so many ads that are about products or buying or gifting. This one is just about traditions and celebration. That’s how to keep the holidays simple.  

7. “#HeathrowBears” – Heathrow Airport

The hit Heathrow Bears are back from last year’s smash hit! And we’re loving every bit of this story extension.

Mainly, we’re focusing on the fact that Heathrow Airport made this in response to their customers wishes. So many passengers reached out and said that “there is no greater feeling than being wrapped in the arms of a loved one at Christmas.” So, Heathrow listened and responded. This is a little something we’d like to call awesome brand awareness.

8. “Faint 2: A Very Yellow Sequel” – M&Ms

FINALLY! We have a sequel to the 21-year-old M&Ms spot. While this is a total nostalgia play, we also respect that M&Ms maintained their brand belief in sharing and bringing people together over a bowl of the chocolate snack.

Plus, now we know if Christmas was cancelled after all since Santa was out cold. Thanks, Yellow. Thanks for reminding us that during Christmas no one should be alone.

9. “Sway” – Apple

Apple seems to get us every year with their spots. It doesn’t release spots that often, but when it does Apple sure knows how to tap into our emotions.

This time, Apple is telling us to “move someone this holiday.” Sure, its products definitely move us with their innovation and hefty price tags. But after watching this, we actually do want to move with someone. We want to connect just like the two characters do through dance. It’s really just beautiful to watch.

10. “Project Love” – Nestle Turtles

No, this isn’t a spot. But it’s too good not to include.

Nestle has joined forces with Holiday Helpers, a “non-profit that provides financial support to 235 families in need for the holiday season,” by giving out Visa gift cards. To get this message across, instead of people receiving a full tin of chocolate, they get it almost full with one turtle removed. The purpose is to remind us that “there’s a little less in the tin so that other families can get a little more this holiday season.”

Cue the tears.

Of course, this piece could go on and on with all the holiday spots out there. Did we miss your favourite? Tell us at @TheTiteReport.

At the end of the day, people engage with content by lending their minutes. Content is successful when its battery is fully charged with attention.

What will win this week?

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