Fashion Brands That Have Mastered the Art of Content

February 23, 2017 Fast Company

Content: what is it?

From branded magazines to mini-video series to full-length feature films, content has the flexibility and capacity take shape in countless forms.

It's pretty broad, but the one thread that has to remain true throughout any brand's content is that it speaks to the brand's higher purpose by giving people the stuff they want to see, not the stuff they have to see. 

It's not an ad on the side of a bus or the ads that autoplay on a homepage (annoying). 

Content tells stories, responds to timeliness and draws connections between brands and their loyal customers. 

While it can be super powerful due to it's limitless nature, it can also flop for the same reason. Content that doesn't make sense or is completely unrelated or even too pitch-slappy will automatically turn your audiences off and make them gripe over their lost minutes. 

Take Clique Media Group. They are the people behind fashion-connoisseur site Who What Wear and the beauty afficionados at Byrdie. They've created these hugely popular media sites but decided to take it one step further by making their fashion/beauty/lifestyle advice into physical products sold in stores. Who What Wear has a namesake collection at Target, that features fashionable pieces at a fraction of the runway price.

Then there's Glossier, the cult-beauty product retailer. Its founder and CEO Emily Weiss utilized Glossier's social channels to interact with clients and find out what products they needed and wanted to see made. Enter the Milky Jelly face cleanser, the company's most re-stocked item on its roster. 

It's one thing to produce a brand blog written by a handful of company employees and call it a day. But it's another thing to get involved in something new. To take the a-typical brand blog and make it into a community-generated hub where real customers can contribute authentic responses that are on-brand. 

As a part of its list of the World's Most Innovative Companies of 2017, Fast Company compiled this quick round up of fashion brands who are anything but frilly in the content marketing world.

Onwards and upwards.

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