Facebook's New Algorithm Explained

July 19, 2016 Joe Lazauskas of Contently

Another day, another change to another social media platform. Cue the panic. 

In early July, Facebook revealed that it would be changing its algorithm to favour friends' posts in feeds over that of publishers. 

There was lots of internal screaming. Papers may have been thrown. We've heard that some people even hid under their desks. What would this do for publishers, considering over 40% of publisher traffic is from Facebook?

Well, it's time to start updating how you do Facebook because it looks like there will be a continuing decline for some time now. Shares are down, links are down and photo posts are down. Oh, and video can't save you forever. 

Contently made 5 simple graphs to tell us what's happening with Facebook's new algorithm. We suggest you read carefully. 

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