Brain Chatter: Translating Google's New Pixel Buds

October 6, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

We know, we know.

You’ve probably heard enough about Google and its shiny new toys that were recently revealed just this past Wednesday.

But we’d like to draw attention to one major product: the Google Pixel Buds.

Specifically we’d like to call out the Pixel Buds translation feature.

With the ability to translate between 40 languages, Google has made a huge leap forward in the world of language barriers.

In the business world, or even just in general especially with travelling, it can be tough when not everyone is on the same page in terms of language. It doesn’t just slow things down; it also leads to miscommunications and misinterpretations that sometimes can be quite dangerous depending on what the information is.

Also, people just find it awkward when a common ground can’t be found with language (usually, English).

Unfortunately, a lot of this results in missed opportunities. People end up avoiding communicating entirely out of fear for misunderstanding something.

Well, as you just watched, that’s not an issue as the Pixel Buds translate in real time.

We think that Engadget had a great explanation in its coverage of the Pixel Buds that explains why breaking down language barriers is so important.

You'll be able to walk up to nearly anybody in another country and be able to hold a fluid, natural language conversation without the need for pantomime and large hand gestures, or worry of offending with a mispronunciation. International commerce and communication could become as mundane as making a local phone call. The frictions of international diplomacy could be smoothed as well, ensuring that not only are a diplomats words faithfully translated but that a copy of the conversation is recorded as well.

Granted, this isn't some magic bullet that will single handedly bring about world peace and harmony among all peoples. You'll still have plenty of nonverbal and culturally insensitive means of putting your foot in your mouth but until we make like the Empire and develop Galactic Standard, Google's Pixel Buds are our new best bet for understanding one another.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Engadget totally nailed what it means to take out the middle man and move towards more efficient and beneficial communication.

And this is a technology that people have been trying to develop for ages. The issues, as Engadget pointed out, have been that other devices are too expensive, don’t have the same breadth of language offerings, or haven’t been as seamless

Now, Google has seemingly very easily swept all these issues off the table.

When it comes to business, this is a big deal.

Truthfully, the gateway to doing better business is to gain better understanding. And what way to gain better understanding by simply having a conversation?

There’s so much more that can be achieved across industries (and across the whole world for that matter), if we’re all willing to team up a little bit more and share ideas. Language doesn’t have to hold us back and truthfully, is one of those things that can be a non-issue if we have the right tools to enable us.

Now, it looks like we do. And it won’t completely wreck your budget for the quarter either.

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