Be an Artist in the Boardroom

September 27, 2016 Ron Tite

Be more creative! 

Ha, easier said than done. "Be more creative" is one of those anxiety-inducing phrases that cause a slight twitch in the eye, a mildly nervous sweat and clenched fists. 

Everyday marketers face an information overload. They have to master new platforms, switch from big to small to moderately sized data and all with dwindling resources. It's a recipe for burnout and a recipe for work that lacks authenticity and motivation to create with intention. 

Here's the answer: be an artist. 

Don't go out and buy some paint and an easel just yet. We don't mean it quite so literally (and besides, it's not creative whatsoever to think "artist" means "painter"). 

How do you do it?

1. Reinvent yourself. 

2. Realize you are your only competition. 

3. Flip the flop. 

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This piece originally appeared in Marketing Mag, September 26, 2016.

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