Ad World 365: Pick The Secondary Route

June 20, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

Lesson 3: Pick the Secondary Route

Despite all our plans, from social strategies to budgets to content calendars, sometimes things don’t yield the results we’d want or expect.

Shocker, we know.

Sometimes there’s that little voice in your head that shouts “here’s what you should do,” and you go for it. Why not, right? But if you listen closer your intuition says “here’s what you could* do.” That’s the gold spot.

Really, most boundaries that exist in business, work and life can always be circumvented if we could just change the way we think about something*.

Perhaps you find yourself working on an ad campaign for a brand that says there are a whole list of words and references you can’t make. At first, one might think that there’s a lot of “can’t” going on. But if you take the secondary route, you might just be able to forget the limitation and be opened to all the other exciting action words the English language has to offer.

Yet, doing the counter-intuitive or picking the least obvious course of action can be scary.

After all, things are the way they are for a certain reason, right?

While that’s true, it’s also true that agility is the future*. It’s not winning or losing, it’s winning or learning. You prep, you shake yourself of the constraints of perfection, receive results, learn from those results, update your actions, then jump back into the ring to try it all again.

The marketers (and really just people) who can be flexible enough to come at things from another angle might be totally enlightened by what happens when they look at their boundaries as opportunities.

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Joe Hollis is an Account Coordinator at Ogilvy & Mather. You can follow along with his Ad World musings day-by-day on LinkedIn

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