Ad World 365: Creativity Can be a Safe Space

July 19, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

Lesson 5: Creativity Can be a Safe Space

Creativity scares people.

“What? Me? Oh no, I’m not creative.” How many times have you heard someone stammer that out?

Sure, there are definitely ‘creative types’ – you know, the right-brained people. Stereotypically assumed to be moody but is always the one with the idea that you never would have thought of.

Turns out it can come down to a little mind over matter.

Have you ever heard that “no” doesn’t mean “no,” but rather it means “not right now” and should be seen as an opportunity?

J.K. Rowling knows that well*. She was rejected by 12 publishers before Harry Potter was picked up. Now look at her. After all that she learned:

 "it is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.”

Once you learn to try, try and try again It’s important to express your art in any medium*. See, the best thing about creativity and art is that it doesn’t have to have any constraints.

Truthfully, those constraints can usually be circumvented if you just draw some new lines. It doesn’t always have to follow a strict script. In fact, the only script it should be following is your own.

Finally, once you get a little more comfy with the idea of being creative make sure to designate a spot where you can do just that.

Sometimes our jobs, especially in marketing and advertising, require us to be creative on the fly (meaning literally anywhere and everywhere).

But aside from all that, if there’s a favourite cozy nook of yours, a rooftop paradise or a waterfront oasis with a bench, protect that space. Make it your own. Your best ideas will flow when you feel safest to create.

Besides, 99% of learning happens outside the office anyway.*

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Joe Hollis is an Account Coordinator at Ogilvy & Mather. You can follow along with his Ad World musings day-by-day on LinkedIn

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