Ad World 365: The Creation Process

July 6, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

Lesson 4: The Creation Process, In 3 Simple Steps.

In a world of endless content, endless awards, endless advice, endless how-to articles, it's hard to decide how one should create great content.

Seriously, how does one begin?

Luckily for you, we aren't here to give you another how-to guide. Instead, we're opting to remind you of 3 parts of the content creation process that should always be present. 

1. Little changes can make all the difference.* 

Sometimes creating content that has great impact or changes how people think doesn't need to be an out of this world idea. Sometimes, it's all about making little tweaks here and there to make the typical infinitely better. 

Think about it: how often do people accept things as they are because that's "just how it is"? You're already changing the status quo as soon as you make it differ from being just so.

It's a little counter-intuitive to think about at first, but it could just be the better option. So try bringing things from 10,000 feet to 100 feet.

2. Issues are going to arise, admit them.*

Things don't always go as planned. Shocking, we know. 

It's plain and simple: when this happens, be upfront about it. If you try to cover up the issue, you're going to have issues around your issues. 

Once you own up to it, you can more clearly find a better way forward.

3. Make it custom.*

Just do it, like Nike iD does. 

The client/agency relationship demands that the agency is aware of the nuances of each client. Three clients might ask for blog posts. That doesn't mean your blog posts need to all look, feel and sound the same. 

When the agency is aware of the client and its needs, things become much clearer right off the bat.

If you're disappointed that we didn't give you the be-all and end-all of content creation guides, get over it. It's impossible to tell every single shop or every single brand what steps to take to create content. 

That just doesn't make sense. Things like budget, strategy, people, creative, etc. will affect each job. Thus, each job will require different things. 

We're just here to remind you of what matters most within the process. 

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Joe Hollis is an Account Coordinator at Ogilvy & Mather. You can follow along with his Ad World musings day-by-day on LinkedIn

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