A Year of The Tite Report

May 29, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

We can hardly believe it: The Tite Report is now one year old.

What used to be a simple Wordpress hub is now a fully optimized content marketing hub, seeking to serve up only the best in business thinking.

It all started with a single idea: what is winning the Battle for Time? In the Expression Economy (and all its noise), people don’t vote with their wallets – they vote with their time. It’s about grabbing attention and keeping it.

That’s how brands know they’re in it for the long haul.

So, our first segment started with what was capturing people’s minutes from the previous week – be it general worldly news or marketing industry updates.

Back on May 9, 2016 it was the fire in Fort Mac.

Since then, we’ve covered everything from #ElbowGate to Chewbacca Mom to SickKids to Pepsi.

And that’s just the Battle for Time. Total, we now have 11 segments and counting with 432 posts total.

So for this anniversary, we’d like to take a look at the top posts from each category, as well as the most viewed post.

This is what captured our minutes over the last year:

TOP BATTLE FOR TIME - Put the Product Down, Pepsi 

Pepsi’s unfortunate tone-deaf blunder will probably be remembered for a long time. Especially given the current socio-political climate, the topics that Pepsi tried to take on in its demonstration spot (like race, equality, gender gaps, etc.) are top of mind. This Battle for Time pointed out that Pepsi should have just left the product out of it.

TOP THOUGHT CATALYSTS - Leonard Brody and Leeza Gibbons

From our good friends at Speakers’ Spotlight, your favourite Thought Catalyst was Leonard Brody and his ideas on The Great Rewrite. According to him, true innovators are the ones who erased the previous standards and wrote new, better ones. This series features those who’ve done just that.

Our partners at The Art Of shared this great video interview with Leeza Gibbons on the age-old question of when enough is enough. Leeza explains how we can figure out when is best to hit reset so that we can all be our best selves.

TOP BRAIN CHATTER - Pepsi Chose The Wrong P 

Sometimes are brains are just full of chatter. Hence, Brain Chatter. This post by Ron Tite included his musings on, again, Pepsi’s disastrous demonstration ad. He explains that purpose always have to come before product in order for a brand to provide content that’s truly meaningful.

TOP STUFF WE LOVE - Captain America Civil War Becomes a Food Fight 

We love creative stuff. The stuff that’s cool, out of the box and full of initiative. This Stuff We Love post featured the creative talents of art director JC Pinheiro and photographer Sebastien Dubois-Didcock who reinterpreted the Captain America film into one big food fight.

TOP SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATE - Learning with Logan: October 31-November 7

Soon to be rebranded, our weekly social media update from Logan Kazman covers social campaigns and platform launches. In this particular post, things got political with Snapchat filters and a Johnnie Walker spot about America.

TOP DX3 - Take x5: McDonalds Orders From Your Couch and Netflix Goes to Hollywood. 

At The Tite Report, we like to add value where we can and step back for the experts where necessary. When it comes to the tech world, we’ve handed the reigns over to Dx3 and its x5 tech updates. This post features two of virtually anyone’s favourite things: Netflix and McDonald’s.

TOP FRIDAY FUNNY - Friday Funnies: Posting to Social Media 

If you’ve read any of our stuff, then you already know we don’t shy away from humour. That’s exactly why we partnered with Rob Cottingham, illustrator of the Noise to Signal cartoons. In this one, he gives us a gentle reminder of the importance of character counts.

TOP FROM OVER HERE - No D$%kheads Policy 

She’s our fearless leader. She’s our President. She’s Robin Whalen. In one of our newer segments, From Over Here, Robin shares her thoughts on the marketing world. In this particular post, she makes it clear that talent doesn’t entitle people to being d$%kheads.

TOP INNOVATION GAP - Navigating the Innovation Gap: An Introduction

Another new addition to The Tite Report family is our take on Navigating the Innovation Gap, by Sara Audisho. Bi-weekly, we tackle the question of finding and doing truly innovative things. Since it’s a heavy topic, we can understand why people thought the introduction was particularly good.

MOST VIEWED - Brain Chatter: A 3-Minute Masterclass in Humorous Speeches 

So, this piece went viral and stayed as our top post for 3 weeks running – well beyond the reach of post-Golden Globes reporting. We didn’t expect it, not so much because the piece wasn’t well-written but because the post was about something we don’t typically cover. But hey, we’re not mad about it. This is a 3 minute master class in giving humorous speeches.

MOST TIME SPENT - Navigating the Innovation Gap: Knowledge Sharing is the Future

We’re not sure if you all just left your browser open on this page or really wanted to spend some time going through the idea of knowledge sharing and its contributions to innovation, but we’ll take it. Viewers spent an average of 28 minutes on this post. Tell us what you learned from it @TheTiteReport.

Thank you to our loyal followers and welcome to our new visitors. If you want to know more than just what the most popular posts are, you can take an inside look at our data in our Tite Report Review.

What a year. We can’t wait for the (not)Terrible Two’s.

At the end of the day, people engage with content by lending their minutes. Content is successful when its battery is fully charged with attention.

What will win this week?

Did we win over your minutes? Get more great posts like this in The Tite Report monthly newsletter.

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