What Comedy Can Teach You About Business

September 26, 2016 Ron Tite, Ian Altman of Grow My Revenue

Funnily enough, comedy can teach you about business. 

Bad pun aside, comedians have one of the most demanding jobs ever. They have to perform, period. They either make people laugh or they don't, and their job hinges on it. They've got to think on the spot, react strategically and make people actually say, "hey, I never thought of that before." 

See the connection here? If you don't, it's pressure. The pressure to perform and do it well, within the creative boundaries that make sense for your brand. 

You don't necessarily have to be funny to be effective, but capturing people's attention and giving them new insight is what will propel you forward. 

Take a listen to Ron speaking with Ian Altman of Grow my Revenue. Turns out everyone's an artist - you just have to find and use your creative edge. 

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