Infinite Dial 2017

April 10, 2017 Ron Tite

From Fort Mac to Pokémon Go to Pepsi's unfortunate ad campaign, our challenge at The Tite Report is always to find out and deliver on what is winning The Battle for Time. 

But those are just topics. Happenings that occur and then become memories.

We admit - we've left out the medium.

By that, we mean where exactly people are spending their time. Mobile? Do they prefer streaming services like Spotify over the radio? Ultimately, content can't just be thrown anywhere and labelled "content." To work, it has to be on a platform that makes sense and resonates with audiences. 

Who knows what these platforms are?

Why, Edison Research. 

In Infinite Dial 2017, the longest running study of Americans' media and technology consumption habits, the firm lays out where people are spending their minutes. Having started in 1998 covering only audio, the report has grown to go through video, social, smart home speakers, etc. 

Tom Webster, the VP of Strategy for Edison Research, chats with Ron Tite on the report's findings. 

Want some quick tidbits?

  • Change is tightly correlated to smart phone penetration. 

  • Mobile ownership might be slowing, but that doesn't mean mobile growth has hit the glass ceiling.

  • Streaming is a currency of record.

  • Ownership might look low for smart home speakers, but that single digit stat has more heft than you think.

  • We might be in a digital world, but friends and family are still a top source for discovery.

  • We are paying for content more than ever.

That's all you get, you have to listen below to hear the rest.

This is where things are, as they are, right now. Forecasting? Don't bother. Sure, it's great to be predictive, but when it comes to numbers, don't set yourself up for something that might change tomorrow. 

To download the report for yourself, visit Edison Research online. Want to reach out to Tom? You can reach him on "The Twitter." 

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