Why Diverse Teams Make For Smarter Teams

November 17, 2016 David Rock and Heidi Grant Halvorson of Harvard Business Review

We're big fans of people being exactly who they are. 

Varied perspectives help us see what we couldn't on our own. Conformity is the enemy of creativity. No one wants that crap. So be the glorious, unique and interesting person that you are, as we say at The Tite Group.

But sometimes difference scares people. Whether it's a case of they don't know how to handle it, or they just can't get past their own two feet to see how much is out there, it's a total loss in the end. 

Let us put it this way: diverse teams are smarter and therefore yield more return.

Teams that are full of fresh perspectives handle information differently. After all, everyone is contributing their own experiences, thoughts and skills. 

It's 2016. There's no such thing as the standard candidate. You'd be better off with a hybrid than someone who's one-dimensional. 

Need further proof? Here's the science and research behind diverse teams, reported on by Harvard Business Review. 

Go on, fly your freak flag. Oh, nice shirt BTW. 

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