Weekly 5 from x5: Apple Music Produces Content and YouTube is Changing the Ad Experience

February 23, 2017 Saurabh Ananth of Dx3

If you can't keep up the user-experience, then you're just not going to be able to keep up. 

This is a simple business fact. 

Remember the whole notion of "the customer is always right"? Well that still holds true, we might just tweak it to be "the customer experience must always be right." 

Value in this case means anticipating your audience's needs and meeting them in a way that feels natural. That kind of accommodation makes people feel like they aren't just another demographic in a target group, but that they are truly a part of a brand's goals to move forward. 

Those 30-second ads in YouTube videos that unfortunately don't give you the "skip ad" option? Yeah, they're about to be nixed. 

The mercury is dropping in the US northeast lately. In comes Canada Goose with its notably warm coats. 

Apple Music knows you have a bunch of different streaming services to choose from. Now they're going to add the special edition of exclusive, original content to your music library. 

Happy customers = returning customers. Simple as that. 

And for brands? Enhanced adaptability to trends = longevity. Sounds pretty business smart to us.

To stay ahead we're making it a weekly habit to digest x5, produced by Saurabh Ananth at Dx3

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