The Tite Report in Review

April 5, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

Everything has a why. (Or at least it should.)

Our why for The Tite Report is the best in business thinking – we want to give you the smart content that’s worth your time.  

As we approach our one-year mark, we decided to lean back (or rather, lean in) and take a look at the numbers and facts.

What are we doing right?

What’s not working the way it should?

Who is our audience?

How do they interact with our content?

You get the idea.

Once we had the data and did a little internal jam sesh on it, we didn’t feel comfortable keeping the information to ourselves. If we’re going to really win The Battle for Time and provide the content that our audience (or honorary Titans as we like to call them) wants, well, our audience should be included in the process of looking ahead.

Here is everything we found. It explains where we started and where we’re at now.

It shows our numbers (the good and the not so good) and tells you what we’d like to do to move onwards and upwards. Here are some of those details:

1. Round out the content: more original content covering a bigger range of topics. From partnerships with industry leaders to just pumping out more posts, we want to ramp things up.

2. Rethink design: What problem can we help you solve? When you come to our hub, what are you looking for? We want a new navigation to address this.

3. Reach more people, more personally: generate more conversations by building up our numbers on both our social channels and our monthly newsletter.

4. Make a database: of images, that is. We preach about being on brand – it’s time we created our own “stock” photos that fit the TTR bill.

So go through our Flipbook below. Then reach out. We'd like to chat. 

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