The Social Minute: October 31-November 7

November 7, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

Facebook has a new dynamic creative tool

  • Facebook is giving advertisers and marketers a new set of tools to better learn how their campaigns are doing: the dynamic creative tool.

  • Using combination testing, Facebook will allow versions of an ad (up to 30 unique assets) to be uploaded which Facebook will then test in different placements to see which performs best (a possible 6,250 combinations). While not all of those combinations will be tested, advertisers will still be able to then tweak their campaigns based on the results of Facebook’s combination testing.

  • Hit or miss: As campaigns still tend to be a bit of an experimental game (despite all the stats and knowledge on best practices), this is a great tool to help advertisers and marketers create more relevant content, without wasting a client’s money. Anything that helps cut the clutter is a good option, to us.

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society launches “Anything But Sorry”

  • Building off of its previous work with FCB Canada on its “Down Syndrome Answers” campaign, CDSS has launched “Anything But Sorry”, to help people understand what is and isn’t the appropriate response to greeting a baby with Down Syndrome.

  • Launching across the web and social, this new campaign (timed with Canadian Down Syndrome Week) tries to encourage dialogue around Down Syndrome to shift to something positive, as opposed to “turning a beautiful moment into a mournful one” by saying “I’m sorry” about a diagnosis.

  • Hit or miss: This is such a strong (and humorous, even) way of changing the stigma surrounding Down Syndrome. We love that the statements are read in a way that dispels preconceptions, while also showcasing the real personalities of those with Down Syndrome. This way, audiences get to connect with those in the video. Not to mention all the phrases with other “s” or “s” sounding words (sex, so cute, celebrate, etc.) is just great copy writing.

Instagram is getting real with influencers

  • Remember when Instagram said it was launching its “branded content tool” to clearly display paid partnership posts? Well, according to Tech Crunch Instagram is now extending that to all accounts using its insights data.

  • “In addition, the company says it will start notifying accounts when it detects that they’ve posted branded content without using its tool. Once notified, they ‘will have the option to tag a business.’”

  • Hit or miss: Considering the lengths the FTC is going to notify influencers and celebrities who are not clearly displaying their brand connections, this is a big win. It shows great initiative on the side of Instagram to provide such an easy, intuitive tool while also protecting its brand integrity from those who may criticize the platform for letting celebrities mislead their followers. 

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