The Social Minute: October 17-24

October 24, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

Facebook Takes Your Order

  • If you’re a US Facebook user, you’re in luck: the social network is letting you order food.

  • Through partnerships with various food delivery services like DoorDash, ChowNow, etc. and also restaurants (Five Guys, Chipotle, etc.), users can now get their favourite grub by going to the “Order Food” section under “Explore.” Facebook will also show what users’ friends have been saying about the outlet of choice, to of course ensure a good recommendation.

  • Hit or Miss: Admittedly, this totally lines up with Facebook’s goal of being a one-stop-shop for many different aspects of life – from restaurant reviews to travel recommendations. However, it also feels like a desperate ploy to get people to stay on the app. As we’re Canadian and won’t be able to test the feature out, we’ll have to listen in on the social chatter for what users think. 

Venmo Wants to Be a Verb

  • Looking to hit the ranks with the likes of Google and Netflix for brand name usage, payment service app Venmo has launched a new campaign called “Blank Me”.

  • The campaign features suggestive fill-in-the-blank sentences that the brand hopes will encourage the easy use of Venmo to pay friends. It will appear in places people frequently spend money in (read: bars, college towns, restaurants, etc.) but also across social.

  • Hit or Miss: While it’s a pretty obvious idea for the brand’s goals, we like how cheeky and playful it is. It’s a great conversation starter and gets audiences actively thinking of how Venmo could play a part in their everyday life. Sounds like campaign goals achieved if you ask us.

Vice Contributor Lets His Followers Dictate His Life through Instagram

  • Oobah Butler, a regular contributor to Vice, decided to really test the impact of Instagram’s new polling feature by letting his followers make all the decisions for him for one day.

  • In his account, Butler wrote, “I see the capability to change the world, to change lives. So let's start with mine. Why plow through life making shitty decisions for myself when I can leave those decisions to everyone else?”

  • According to the writer, he ended up in another country via “a Scientology center and a private event at a Russian art show.”

  • Hit or Miss: How fascinating, and kind of wild! Most influencers are asking people simple stuff like what they should eat. Then they give the polls a rest. Butler really took it to a whole other level, showing the power of social media’s influence and what these functionalities can lead to on extreme levels. Definitely an interesting read.

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