The Social Minute: November 28-December 5

December 6, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

Instagram introduces Stories Highlights and Stories Archive

  • Instagram has launched two new components to its Stories tool – Highlights and Archive. Users can now either compile stories into Highlights (which are available on a profile for as long as a user chooses) from their Archive, where Stories will automatically save to if the feature is turned on.

  • Instagram’s press centre explained the update as a an easy way to keep stories around for more than 24 hours. “Now you can more fully express your identity by grouping stories you’ve shared into highlights and featuring them on your profile.”

  • Hit or miss: While we almost want to lean on the fact that Stories was created for the purpose of having on-the-go content that only lasted for 24 hours, this is actually a great strategy for Instagram to keep users in the app. Furthermore, it challenges content creators to think harder about the relevance of their content and how it can be repurposed for future use. Marketers, roll up your sleeves.

Facebook launches Messenger Kids

  • To much controversy, Facebook has launched a kid-friendly version of its Messenger app aimed at those aged 6-12. Accounts have to be created through parents’ accounts, parents have extra controls such as controlling who their children talk to, and the young users will not be presented with ads.

  • However, critics have been quick to slam the new app citing concerns such as introducing children as young as 6 to social media (considering recent studies on its effect on mental health) as well as the app’s privacy policy on sharing information from the chats.  

  • Hit or miss: It’s too early to tell how well this will or won’t roll out, however the biggest concern that we can spot is the purpose of creating a messenger app for 6-year-olds. Truthfully, we’re not sure what the value is in this – is there even really a need? The parental controls are great, but this feels a bit like Facebook trying to simply broaden its user base.

Frank and Oak launches “And” collection with new social promos

  • As a part of the company’s first CSR initiative with a charity (Equitas), Frank and Oak released its “And” collection – a “series of unisex tshirts and sweaters that support diversity, equality and the brand’s belief that differences should… be celebrated.” Five dollars from every purchase goes back to Equitas.

  • In a video (with a voice over by poet Cadence Weapon) and series of social posts, Frank and Oak tackles the idea of differences and how during the holiday time we should view our differences as something that brings us together, where we can say “and” instead of “or.”

  • Hit or miss: This is a truly beautiful way of expressing brand values. Through their products, Frank and Oak is working to express how their brand views the world and the people in it, in an attempt to give viewers a reason to connect and even take some action. Well, there’s definitely a reason there. “And is just how we speak” – what a powerful, but simple way doing business. 

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