The Social Minute: May 31 - June 5

June 7, 2018 Diana Pasgas

Instagram may allow users to post a video up to an hour long

• Word on the street is that Instagram is tentatively rolling out a new feature that would allow users to upload videos up to an hour long. With the current time limit being one minute (and 15 seconds for Stories), we’re talking a considerable increase in video time.

• The feature, which will focus on vertical video, would bring Instagram closer in-line to Facebook and YouTube, allowing Instagram users to spend more time on their platform without navigating away.

Hit or Miss: An increase in video length on a platform is always good for marketers; more time allows for more opportunity to get your message across — it also means you can post your content in full instead of having to cut it down to make it Instagram friendly. That said, will users tune into Instagram videos that long? It’s hard to say, but we can attest to getting stuck in a Stories loop that lasts way longer than’s the autoplay feature! Time will tell if users tune in — and if Instagram even rolls out the feature.

Star Wars Actress Kelly Marie Tran deletes her Instagram posts following harassment

• Fans of the Star Wars franchise were divided over the latest instalment in the trilogy, The Last Jedi, with many expressing anger that it did not follow the ideologies of the older films. Unfortunately, it looks like some of this anger was transferred over to the film’s stars.

• Mainly, actress Kelly Marie Tran, who played Rose. Since the movie’s release, fans (can we even call them that?) harassed Tran on Instagram through hurtful, racist, and sometimes threatening messages and comments. The actress officially had enough and deleted all of her posts.

Hitor Miss: What the heck, Star Wars fans? This is the very definition of not cool. Social media has allows for fans of things to gather and share their excitement...and also their discontent. It also makes the people who create media more accessible to people who like to express their negativity online. The combination is often less than ideal, with fans converting themselves into Internet trolls who forget that people in movies are human, too. No one should ever feel like they need to be run off the internet and people should never throw insults and racist remarks at someone because they didn’t like the movie they were in. Grow up, Star Wars fans. Not. Cool.

Apple introduces MeMoji

• At Monday’s annual Apple conference, WWDC, the company announced a series of product news and features, including MeMoji; an update to their Animojis that allow

• The MeMoji are fully customizable, allowing you to personalize your emoji to best represent you. Plus, they’ve even got an animated feature, taking the experience one level higher.

Hit or Miss: While the Animojis are kind of a little creepy, introducing the MeMoji feature adds a new layer that the Bitmoji crowd is definitely going to be interested in. But is it necessary? Or just another feature that will slow down Apple’s iOS? That said, it could be argued that even emojis weren’t necessary, so maybe time will tell that MeMojis were a definite must.

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