The Social Minute: March 7 - 12

March 13, 2018 Diana Pasgas

WhatsApp now lets you delete messages 1 hour after you sent them

• WhatsApp has been saving lives since this past October when they introduced their ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature - which allows you to delete messages up to seven minutes after you send them...and erases them from the message history of everyone in the chat. 

• Now WhatsApp has made a good thing even better - they’ve increased their Delete for Everyone limit to one hour, eight minutes, and 16 seconds. We’re not sure why the new time limit is so specific, but we’ll take every single second we can get.

Hit or Miss: How many times have you sent a message and minutes later, wished you could take it back? WhatsApp is giving its users the ideal way to message - they have complete control over their conversation. With a quick click of a button, they can delete an entire chat from their phone and their friends. In one way, this is problematic as it can be difficult to have a paper-trail in case one promises to help you move and then bails on you, but in another way, we can’t deny the sweet relief we would feel when deleting a typo filled message...even if it happens to the best of us.

Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik cut people from their Instagram - and their lives

• In breaking news that we absolutely should care about, Selena Gomez unfollowed one of her best friends and collaborators, Petra Collins, worrying fans that their friendship is dunzo.

• In other absolutely important news, Zayn unfollowed long-time girlfriend Gigi Hadid amidst rumours that the pair had broken up - suggesting that there may be some truth to the word heard along the grapevine.

Hit or Miss: So what does any of this even matter? It’s a perfect demonstration on just how influential social media is on today’s news cycles and society. If Donald Trump’s Twitter wasn’t evidence enough to how one tweet can send the world in a tizzy, the close attention paid to a celebrity’s activity on Instagram is. Back in the day, celebrity gossip was largely generated by paparazzi photos, inside sources, and publicists - now all that has to be done is a thorough creeping of their Instagram profiles. A celeb’s follows, unfollows, likes, and comments quickly have become Battle for Time worthy. How the times have changed (and perhaps not for the better?). 

Twitter is revamping its Verification Process

• Twitter’s verification process was suspended last year when it was revealed that the little blue bird was verifying accounts that promoted hate speech. Good call on their part.

• Now, Twitter says that a new streamlined and automated service is on its way - and they plan to open up the verification process to just about everybody. The thinking behind the new process is to strip the the checkmark of the association with Twitter’s approval of their tweets - and opinions.  

Hit or Miss: OK, sure - getting rid of the exclusive nature of a Twitter verification will make verified accounts seem less impactful. But that doesn’t counter the abuse - if accounts that promote hate speech or harassment can still be verified - especially through a process that is less vetted - that stops nothing; it just rids Twitter of the responsibility. Ultimately, this new process doesn't quite seem like a step in the right direction to preventing the spread of hate speech and harassment. 

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