The Social Minute: March 28 - April 2

April 4, 2018 Diana Pasgas

Instagram restores GIFs to Stories

• Last month, Instagram pulled its newly introduced GIF feature from stories after it was discovered that a racist GIF had slipped through the filter system. Yikes.

• Since suspending GIFs a little over two weeks ago, Instagram has re-moderated the entire gallery four times to ensure there’s no other inappropriate content and are tightening future moderation by adding another step to the approval process before a GIF is added to the library.

Hit or Miss: This kind of process should be the process that’s implemented any time there’s an issue like this on social media. Instead of taking four days to come up with a response or an action (*cough* YouTube *cough*), the feature was immediately pulled and new moderation techniques were implemented. Of course, moderating a GIF gallery (a small-ish one, at that) is definitely a lot easier than combing through millions of hours of video footage or images, but we’ll give credit where credit is due. After all, we all have to start small.

Where’s Waldo is hiding on Google Maps

• If you’ve opened up Google Maps over the last few days to get directions to the nearest taco place, you may have noticed something’s a little different: a bespeckled man in a striped shirt is there to greet you.

• That’s right; Waldo is hiding on Google Maps! Along with a handful of friends, Waldo is hidden in locations across the globe and if you have a lot of time on your hands (or are just incredibly competitive), you can try to find him.

Hit or Miss: So here’s the thing: this is a lot of fun! It’s cool to see Google incorporate different characters into an otherwise boring and mundane app. It adds an element of fun that otherwise wouldn’t exist as you make the six hour car ride to grandma’s house. But the other thing is this: once you’ve found Waldo in every location, nothing really happens. It’s a game with no real payoff. So one is left wondering: was this actually fun or a waste of time? Or maybe we’re just taking the whole thing a little too seriously.

Facebook will now force advertisers to prove they have email consent from users

• As Facebook attempts to patch up holes from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, they’ve introduced a certification tool that will ensure that advertisers are only targeting ads to users whose email addresses were obtained with consent.

• Facebook hopes that the new tool will prevent custom audience data from being shared across Business Accounts.

Hit or Miss: Facebook has a lot to fix and it’s important to acknowledge that it isn’t going to happen in a day. The Cambridge Analytica scandal points to a bigger problem with Facebook; it’s not just algorithms and patches — there’s obvious holes in their overall system that have been there for a while. It will be some time before Facebook has corrected the issues that caused this to happen in the first place but; we believe this is a step in the right direction, at least in terms of retaining their user base and gaining back trust. What does it mean for us marketers? It’s too soon to tell, but really, isn’t that the case with every Facebook change? You know we’ll be keeping up to find out.

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