The Social Minute: July 25 - August 1

August 1, 2017 Logan Kazman

A Vision in White

  • Well here’s one way to make toilet paper roll its way into the spotlight (see what I did there?). Quilted Northern wanted to prove its strength by partnering up with Cheap Chic Weddings to sponsor the 13th annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Competition.
  • The competition was opened to designers across the United States. Designers could use glue, string, and of course, Quilted Northern’s TP. With over 1500 entrants, only 10 finalists were selected and flown to New York City for a fashion show event where the winner was crowned. The winning dress was designed by Kari Curletto who proudly walked away with $10,000 dollars.
  • Hit or Miss: Partnering with a Wedding Dress Toilet Paper Competition is a seamless fit for Quilted Northern. This fun initiative quite literally embodied the vision in white theme giving designers, and adventurous brides-to-be the opportunity to take part in an entertaining brand activation. User-generated content for the win! 

Facebook Goes Public with ‘Stories’


  • When Facebook rolled out Stories back in March, the photos and videos would disappear after a while and were only visible to friends. Now, the feature has gone public giving people the same open access that is found on Facebook-owned Instagram and rival Snapchat.
  • Hit or Miss: This has the potential to be widely successful (simply because of the Facebook reach and influence) just like it was for Instagram, but on the other hand it spells copy cat again. Instagram and Snapchat are built around instant photos and video whereas Facebook hosts a plethora of other functions. Even though Facebook is really pushing its video capabilities, most people who post frequently are doing so on Instagram in photo format. If Facebook wants to make Stories stick and be something unique, it needs to offer a solution that makes it stand out from Instagram and Snapchat. If not, the brand may drown in a sea of sameness.

Stop Motion Video Made from Coca-Cola

  • The soda giant created an adorable and pun-filled stop motion video out of recycled cans and bottles. The delightful creative follows the love story of two plastic bottles. Towards the end of the spot, Coca-Cola hints to viewers how they can help even more bottles stay together, simply by recycling.
  • Hit or Miss: A cute piece of purpose marketing that is built to make an impact. What’s so special about this ad is how the video is constructed through the act of recycling. By literally exemplifying what the ad is trying to promote, the message gets driven home that much stronger. 

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