The Social Minute: July 11-18

July 18, 2017 Logan Kazman

Now Each of the 50 States Have Its Own Adidas Shoe

Ikea Plays on the importance of Relaxation (in the living room, of course) 

  • Ikea has launched an integrated campaign across the U.K and Ireland focusing entirely on the living room. The campaign is titled “Relax into Greatness.”   

  • Much of the spot focuses on the rest that lions need, making up about 18 hours of their entire day. The lion in this spot is enjoying his day resting, practicing yoga, and taking it easy (something we often forget to do in our busy always-on lives).

  • The spot ends with kids running into the house for a birthday party. Thanks to the importance of relaxation, the “lion” (the father) could celebrate full of energy.

  • Hit or Miss: A cute and simple spot that touched on important moments of our everyday lives, one of which is the importance of relaxation. Because of the nature of the brand, this approach felt genuine and real. Share your thoughts with us @thetitereport

The Power of Partnerships 

  • For any Instagram user, you know how important visual appeal is. That’s exactly why Oakley partnered up with art and technology company, VSCO to showcase their infamous Prizm lens technology featured in the brand’s eyewear.

  • Hit or Miss: This is an awesome partnership and one that really helps Oakley attract a different target altogether. The brand is not only getting its name out there, but is also giving a younger demographic access to see first-hand how Oakley glasses work. Talk about creative strategy!

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