The Social Minute: January 3-9

January 9, 2018 Diana Pasgas


Instagram rolls out recommended posts

• Another week, another new Instagram feature. This time, Instagram is adding recommended posts to your feed. Selection for suggested posts are based on what your friends and accounts you follow are liking.

• Instagram insists that recommended posts will not get in the way of your feed - instead, they’ll appear after you’ve finished scrolling through the day’s updates. If you’re super bothered, you can also temporarily hide recommended posts.

Hit or Miss: No. Instagram. We don’t need this. Instagram already has a Discover feature that is generated based on accounts you follow, posts you like, and posts your followers like. You can follow hashtags, now. Given that their algorithm is now notoriously bad at showing posts in that are in order - or even relevant - adding another kind of post to our feed is just straight up unnecessary. Plus, call us non-believers, but it’s hard not to feel skeptical that recommended posts won’t only be at the bottom of the feed...

It’s the end for M

• Facebook has accepted that the world isn’t ready for a real life version of Her. Facebook M, the virtual assistant that is trained by actual humans, is shutting down after operating for two and a half years.

• The automated service, which offered everything from restaurant suggestions to advice on which sticker you should add to your conversation, was only ever available to 2,000 people in California.

Hit or Miss: Honestly, it’s probably for the best; the world is not at all equipped to deal with an AI takeover at this point. All jokes aside, the features M offered were hardly different from those offered by Siri or even a simple Google search; it just had the benefit of being help coming from a robot. Not to mention, it was never even available to a large audience, so it’s hard to miss something we never had. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your view), Facebook isn’t giving up just yet; they have plans to take what they learned from M and apply it to developing further artificial intelligence. Batten down the hatches; the robot revolution is coming.

Meghan Markle deletes all of her social media

• Okay, okay. Maybe not ground-breaking news. BUT it's topical. And, we probably should have seen this one coming: actress turned future Princess, Meghan Markle, deleted her social media profiles as she preps for the Royal Life.

• Prior to her engagement to Prince Harry, Markle had both Instagram and Twitter profiles, both of which were relatively active.

Hit or Miss: On one hand, we get it - the Queen doesn’t have an Instagram account. But on the other hand, it would be kind of neat to have an inside look of what goes on in the Monarchy from Markle’s perspective. It’s no secret that the Monarchy has long since needed to modernize and Meghan’s addition to the Royal Family is one symbol that they are at least abandoning some traditions. Though perhaps royal Twitter accounts are just a bit too modern for the family. All that said, we can still follow along with Markle as she makes her way to the palace through the official Kensington Palace Twitter account...and paparazzi photos, unfortunately.

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