The Social Minute: February 28 - March 5

March 6, 2018 Diana Pasgas

Google made Chrissy Teigen and John Legend do it 

• A-List couple, gorgeous people, and social media darlings Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have teamed up with Google in a new ad for Google Assistant that premiered at the Oscars this past weekend.

• The spot features the couple lounging on their couch and searching endlessly for a television show, appearing to have fallen victim to a search function that requires backspacing and forward slashing and who knows what else. We’ve been there.

Hit or Miss: While our love for Teigen might be clouding our judgement, we think this one is a hit. Chrissy and John are beloved public figures, largely for their presence on social media. After pouring over their Twitter and Instagram posts, something about seeing them in an ad makes it feel like we are watching close friends! Fangirling aside, the ad is short and relatable - plus John even sings in it! Google also released related spots with Sia and Kevin Durant who are also dealing with everyday musings - like making grocery lists making grocery lists. Celebrities! They’re just like us.

China’s WeChat hits over 1 Billion monthly active users

• Ever heard of WeChat? It might not sound familiar to you, but it’s dominating the social media game over in China. The app, which started out as an average messaging app, has quickly grown to include a mobile wallet, delivery service, and gaming.

• But it’s not just its monthly users that have increased - 688 million people used WeChat’s hongbao feature on Chinese New Year’s Eve; a 15% increase from last year.

Hit or Miss: WeChat’s success reminds us that social media does not begin and die with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. While it is virtually unheard of here, WeChat is the primary messaging app in China - just like LINE in Japan. Compared to the messaging services we use here, WeChat (and LINE) offer more unique and customizable features. But WeChat is making it’s way to North America, with some retailers accepting WeChat’s mobile wallet as a form of payment.

Bumble bans users pics with guns

• Dating app, Bumble, has announced that they are removing all profile images that showcase users with guns, except in cases of military or law enforcement officials.

• Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe explains that this is not a matter of alienating people, but rather a matter of being proactive as to what’s going on in the United States at this time.

Hit or Miss: Bumble is known for being progressive and setting standards: the app itself is designed to combat misogyny and last summer they partnered with the Anti-Defamation League after its employees were targeted by white supremacist groups. By taking note of the social conversation around them, Bumble is doing what few other platforms are doing right now: drawing lines to say what it will and won’t accept, even if it means angering users who think differently. In a time where social media amplifies hate speech and dangerous thinking, having these kinds of lines are the ones we are all for.

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