The Social Minute: August 8 - 15

August 15, 2017 Logan Kazman

Apple’s Official Instagram Account for iPhone Users

  • Who doesn’t love the iPhone camera? As new models continue to flourish, so too do those lenses. That’s why it’s no surprise that Apple decided to gift its users with an Instagram account dedicated to showcasing unique #ShotOnAniPhone images.
  • Hit or Miss: This is a very smart move on Apple’s part, perhaps a little late though? Apple already has a handful of verified accounts for Apple Music, iTunes, iBooks and more. If Apple wants to continue to get people to use their devices, it’s important to add incentives along the way. That’s why this move seems like a logical and natural progression for the popular smartphone.
  • What’s so unique about this Instagram account is how it aims to foster an online community encouraging like-minded iPhone users and photographers to connect. No gimmicks, no contests, just simply, a hashtag. In the age of constant consumption, building community is more important now than ever.   

Amazon’s “Instant Pickup Points”

  • Amazon shoppers in the U.S. can now pick up orders for certain items within two minutes of making their purchase.
  • This new pickup model fulfills Amazon’s goals of delivering even shorter wait times to its customers

Instagram Tests Group Live Video


  • Live streaming on Instagram is getting a big update. Over the next few months, users will be able to invite their friends to join a live video.
  • Instagram announced Tuesday that it is testing the ability for users to invite friends to join their Instagram Live broadcasts.
  • Hit or Miss: Although it’s a great concept and efficient way of getting good reach by targeting multiple users' followers at once, Instagram should also make sure that all off its updates work seamlessly together toward the bigger picture. After all, quality over quantity. 

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