The Social Minute: August 15 - 22

August 22, 2017 Logan Kazman

Facebook’s Influencer Marketing Tools

  • The social network has recently launched new tools that make it easier for influencers and brands to partner together on content.
  • The biggest part of this update is how advertisers can now boost posts from an influencer’s Page. Prior to this update, brands could only boost sponsored posts by sharing the original post onto their own platforms.
  • The update also comes with a new interface for Page Insights and Business Manager.
  • Hit or Miss: This update (albeit a little late) is going to help shape the influencer marketing landscape even more. With influencer marketing becoming the new norm, it’s extremely beneficial that both advertisers and brands will share the power. What’s even more, is that publishers and influencers alike will be building a level of trust amongst their shared audiences depicting a real representation of their partnership.

Tasty and Nifty Join Snapchat

  • BuzzFeed’s famous brands will be joining the roster of Snapchat Discover in early September.
  • Because of their impressive scale and success, the BuzzFeed franchise feels that this is the right move for the two brands.
  • “We’ve reached incredible scale,” Ashley McCollum, Tasty’s general manager, told Adweek. “We’re the largest franchise on Facebook, not just in food or media, and one of the biggest food channels on YouTube and food accounts on Instagram. After learning a lot over the past couple of years, we think it seems possible we could dominate the food channels on Snapchat, too.”
  • According to AdWeek, “Tasty’s daily story will include recipe videos from every Tasty franchise, from Tasty Junior to Tasty Vegetarian and many others. Fans will see Tasty’s unique style of video plus quizzes, articles, polls and behind-the-scenes videos.”
  • Hit or Miss: I too think this integration is a smart move for the brands (especially in the battle for time). This partnership will work to foster another means of engagement and viewership for these already lovable, fun and unique brands. And because Snapchat is known for its fun and friendly interface this new pairing has the potential to do extremely well. Think of all the unique way recipes and house hacks can be shared with users!

Walmart’s Grocery Delivery Service

  • The retail giant announced earlier this week that it’s going to be expanding a test of its grocery delivery service, powered by Uber. This feature is currently live in Phoenix and Tampa and will also be added in the Dallas and Orlando market. This service provides consumers with the ability to shop online for grocery items. Consumers can take their shopping trip a step further and have the items delivered to their home for an additional fee via Uber.
  • Hit or Miss: Talk about a Walmart rollback. While this idea is great and unique, it will be interesting to see how Walmart’s grocery delivery service will compete with Amazon in the retailer space. Will this delivery partnership with Uber help brands or add an unnecessary step for consumers? Time will have to tell for the Walmart happy face. 
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