The Social Minute: August 1-8

August 8, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

Facebook shut down Lifestage...

  • Remember this almost EXACT replica of Snapchat, but called Lifestage and launched by Facebook? Yeah, neither do we. And apparently, neither do a lot of people as the Facebook decided to shut it down on August 4.
  • The Snapchat-like app hadn't been updated for months and never managed to crack the App Store's top charts during its short lifespan. According to Business Insider, a Facebook spokesperson said that in light of pulling Lifestages, Facebook will continue to consider its large teen demographic when introducing new features to the main app. 
  • Hit or Miss: See, if you're not cutting through the clutter, you're adding to it. Unfortunately, this total Snapchat lookalike app appeared to be the latter. While it's not awesome to have to admit that your product didn't do well, it's a good move by Facebook to move on. It's wise to know when you've got to cut your losses and build something better.

...And then Facebook considered introducing a Live Camera

  • Considering how big of a deal Facebook Live events can be with their wide-reaching, anticipation-inducing capabilities, it makes a lot of sense that the live button will be an option in the Facebook Camera screen.
  • "What’s more, the new feature also offers you the option to go live just in your Facebook Story, as opposed to sharing your live video in a regular Facebook post. Or you can “go live” both in your Facebook Story and post at the same time."

  • Hit or Miss: While this option makes a lot of sense, especially from a usability point of view, it feels silly that it's only now being tested as a function (that's right - it's not even a reality yet). Previously, going live was an option from the status box. Truthfully, since it's a camera function it should have existed alongside all the Facebook Camera screen options. If you can put filters on your Face (cough Snapchat cough), it should also let you go live from the same area since Facebook is all about video these days. 

Snapchat Launches New Show with Kylie Jenner and E!

  • Love 'em or hate 'em, a Kardashian now not only has her own show on E!, but also a new Snapchat show. The Kardashian in question is Kylie Jenner. 
  • "On Aug. 12, the NBCUniversal-owned E! will debut a new show on Discover called “Ask Kylie.” “Ask Kylie” will have the Kardashian sister answering fan questions on topics ranging from online bullying to family drama to her cosmetics empire."
  • Hit or Miss: Say what you want about the Kardashian family, but these ladies sure now how to create in-demand content over seemingly nothing. While we have no idea how this new 6-episode show will actually translate on Snapchat, it's a great move for Snapchat. Publicity, reach and engagement follow around the Kardashians everywhere. Because of that, this new show is bound to bring some attention to Snapchat's growing roster of content such as the app's popular hit The Rundown, which now averages 8 million views per episode. 

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