The Social Minute: April 25 - May 1

May 2, 2018 Diana Pasgas

Instagram is testing a mute feature

• Instagram is testing a series of new features, including reactions to stories and a calendar archive, but most importantly they are testing a mute feature.

• This new feature will allow you to continue following a user, but hide their posts from their feed. The user will never know you’ve muted their posts.

Hit or Miss: Maybe it’s harsh, but this one is a hit for us. Social media personas can often greatly differ from your real life personality, which can grate on those that know you in real life. You can’t always love someone’s Instagram feed just because you love them. Plus, you can’t just unfollow your aunt who exclusively posts 5 photos of her cat every single day — what if she notices and brings it up at Christmas dinner? The mute feature allows you to hide these posts without any feelings being hurt. Sign us up.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen star in second spot for Google

• The internet’s favourite couple is back with another Google ad, this time promoting Google Duo - the company’s answer to Apple’s FaceTime.

• The ad features John calling Chrissy from a different floor of their house while she rests in bed, showing her different — and sometimes terrible — outfit options. Near the end of the ad, he dons a look dedicated to cartoon character Arthur, who the Internet has time and time again said he resembles.

Hit or Miss: Look, we love John and Chrissy here. A few of us have gone on the record that we will need personal time to recover should they ever split (knock on wood!). So this ad is automatically a win. But it’s the tie-in with Arthur that really gets us here. Not only is the ‘John Legend looks like Arthur’ theory something that’s been widespread on the Internet for a long time, but the ad references a specific Arthur meme that went viral in 2016. Acknowledging both demonstrates just how much the Internet can influence advertising. We’re here for it.

Facebook is releasing a dating feature

• This week, Facebook has been holding its annual F8 developers conference, where they have announced new AR features, Messenger simplifications, and a Clear History tool, but one of the stranger things they’ve launched is a dating app.

• FaceDate will show your profile to non-friends who have also opted in that they are looking for love. Facebook will then match you based on your data and any exchanged messages will happen in a dedicated inbox rather than in Messenger.

Hit or Miss: Sure, if Facebook wants to have a dating feature, then let them have a dating feature. Match Group has already made snide comments about Russians and data leaking following the announcement, so the threat that Facebook poses is likely real. But there’s something about trying to meet people on a platform that is involved in a data scandal that seems a little weird. Maybe FaceDate will be great, and while we know that Facebook couldn’t completely adjust their F8 schedule based on recent events, it still kind of feels like it was the wrong time to announce it.

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