The Case for Company Ceremonies

August 31, 2016 Patti Sanchez of Harvard Business Review

A team divided is no team at all. 

In fact, division is the anti-thesis of the word "team." 

A business can't run on division. It just doesn't work. If everyone is out to get one another, deadlines are seen as spots on a podium and Cutthroat Kitchen is really Cutthroat Office, productivity levels go down. 

Why? Because all of this demonstrates a lack of understanding around business goals. Employees will lack inspiration to be united around a common purpose because to them, there is no common purpose. 

There's only coming out on top. 

So how about fuelling recognition and understanding in a more collaborative and appreciative way? 

Try a ceremony. 

It's a universally understood way of bringing people together for a mutual purpose (and hey, it's kind of fun). 

Harvard Business Review breaks down the company ceremony below. We are 100% on its side. 

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