The Branded Podcast

August 9, 2016 Mark Burgess of Strategy

The podcast isn't new. 

It's been experimented with and has been a consistent part of people's daily routines (especially millennials) for some time now. Whether it's to make the hour commute fly by or provide some headspace at that midday point, podcasts are a great way for audiences to listen to niche content that they love and for free. 

But there are ads. They interrupt the shows and suddenly your favourite voice is telling you about some new tech startup. Huh?

What's the better way of dealing with this? The branded content, as per Strategy's report

Not only does it expand brands' content repertoires but it also offers audiences more of what they already love. They get to hear about things that interest them but in a format that demonstrates a brand's place within the customer's needs. 

No pitch-slapping here. There are only stories, advice and conversations that are refreshingly light-handed with brand influence.

This is just another way that content marketing works. It's content that provides value through in a way that encourages long-term relationships: truly a win-win.

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