Tell Your Business Story

January 2, 2017 WindstreamView, Inc.

"Telling the story behind a business is a key part of building success." 

Or so says Inc. We tend to agree. 

We're not talking about writing some nice business values in cursive lettering on a chalk board somewhere in your office. We're talking about being open and letting people know who the business is, where it came from and what it plans on doing. 

But when doing so, try being a storyteller. 

There's a fundamental difference between the following two statements: 

1. We are a used-book store aiming to give its customers the most competitive pricing for original classics. 

2. I always had a fondness for used classics. Those worn, paperback or even cloth-bound books that held so much history. My only issue is that they weren't accessible to everyone. So, I set out to make that happen. 

Sometimes, flowery language isn't all bad as long as it's true.

When brands put a personal spin on their originating stories, it makes it easier for customers to interact with them. Why? Because it's no longer a customer and a brand chatting. It's two people who share a common passion. 

Try it out. You might be surprised at what it can build for you.

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