Stuff We Love: Uniqlo and Being Thoughtful in Business

November 3, 2016 Eliza Williams of Creative Review

“We’re all fighting to be relevant in the greatest number of people’s lives." 

Those are the words of John C Jay, president of global creative at Fast Retailing, which owns Japan-based clothing brand Uniqlo

His sentence should feel poignant in this Battle for Time that marketers, brands, businesses, people are all wrapped up in because he spells the simple truth. 

Innovation. Disruption. Nimbleness. Rebranding. Reactive. All themes associated with what are commonly thought to be the solutions to getting ahead. 

But the other line that links these ideas is that they can often lead to a lack of focus or thoughtfulness. 

Sometimes getting ahead means taking the time to figure out how to get there. 

Let us give you a hint: it's about much more than the product itself. Creative Review reveals how Uniqlo does it

Get thinking - it will make you take a second look at how your business does business. 

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