Stuff We Love: The Force is One with Spotify

January 11, 2018 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

Just the other day, we were minding our business reading and writing about the marketing industry when we decided playing The Last Jedi soundtrack on Spotify would be a good idea.

Pretty normal day. Star Wars fans would be proud, others may just shrug off this decision.

Doesn’t seem like a radical decision. Until, we casually look down at the song progress bar and notice this:

Though our inner Star Wars geek is nerding out over this fun little addition (and one that was also present for the Rogue One and Force Awakens movies), our inner marketing guru also considers this the Stuff We Love because of how the add-on brings the story to life and contributes to brand awareness.

See, the little things matter. Not everything has to be a great big campaign with messaging splashed across every gigantic surface imaginable.

These little things contribute to the whole story because it’s what keeps things going in the long run.

Big campaigns inevitably run out. Not to say that there haven’t been campaigns that made such a lasting impact people still draw reference to them today (IE: Apple’s Think Different), however sometimes people still need a little reminder to believe in the brand.

It’s these little reminders that keep a brand top of mind. And yes, all brands should aim to do this even if the brand in question is as big as Star Wars. After all, being top of mind means people keep coming back, despite all the other distractions they see, hear, listen and consume daily.

Truthfully, when messages are simple and clear it can become much easier for audiences to make a connection with the message because they just “get it.”

Ground breaking news, we know.

And just as a fun fact, depending on who you are, your lightsaber can be different colours.

So, here’s to the little things. May the Force be with them.

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