Stuff We Love: Skyscanner's Winning Personality

September 7, 2016 Sam Haysom of Mashable

Sometimes, businesses screw up. 

Sometimes, it's in the form of suggesting that the most optimal flight route involves a customer taking a 47 year layover in their flight itinerary. It's not always a four-decade mistake, but hey, sh*t happens. 

This happened to Skyscanner, a flight/hotel comparison search engine, recently. 

It could have very easily responded to its disgruntled customer with a stock comment of "thanks for your feedback. We're so sorry we caused you any inconvenience but invite you to try your search again." 

Instead Jen, a member of Skyscanner's Facebook team, went for downright honesty and make some 47-year-worthy suggestions. Hilarity ensued. 

Key takeaway? Something we repeat over and over: show some skin. Don't be afraid to use personality. If you can afford to have fun with your customers and end up making their negative experiences hilarious and positive, then do it. 

Being boring and responding from inside a tin can won't make an already frustrating situation better. Robots don't win people's minutes.

Plain and simple.

This is Mashable's perfect timeline of Skyscanner's attention to the issue. We can guarantee that James Lloyd will overlook this blunder and return to Skyscanner in the future.

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