Stuff We Love: Reclaiming History

May 12, 2017 Sara Audisho

Stuff we REALLY love: when agencies help remind us that art has a timeless impact. That art tells the human story like no other. That art can express the controversial in ways we need to see it in. 

What is art doing today? What it does so frequently: preserving the best of the human series during its worst episodes. 

Ogilvy & Mather New York teamed up with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to create - a crowdsourced online museum equipped with digital recreations of monuments that have been lost to conflict, war and disasters.

The website was created for #Unite4Heritage, UNESCO’s global movement that works to “celebrate and safeguard cultural heritage and diversity around the world,” launched in response to the surge of attacks on heritage sites throughout the Middle East since 2014. 

Designed by Ogilvy and produced by PET GØRILLA, the site will be maintained by Rekrei, a similar project working in tandem with UNESCO.

In addition to the digital recreations that have been posted online, artists and researchers around the world are bringing these monuments physically back to life with 3D printing and photogrammetry. 

Gives a whole new meaning to modern art, doesn't it?

Reclaiming History is a fantastic example of how agencies can showcase their talent while involving their teams in deeply purposeful work. Spending a day with your colleagues doing charitable work or raising money for a cause is great for team bonding, and it’s certainly great for image. But dedicating your resources, mind space and creative faculties to a project like this deserves a special nod. 

Rekrei, Unite4Heritage and all the other independent artists restoring the relics of yesterday remind us that art has and always will play an essential role in our lives. 

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