Stuff We Love: Durex Trolls Us All with Eggplant-flavoured Condoms

September 12, 2016 Jeff Beer of Fast Company

When you're a company that sells condoms, it would be kind of hard not to get suggestive every once and awhile. 

In its safe-sex awareness campaign last year, Durex asked for the Unicode Consortium to add a condom to the emoji roster so that people could have a fun way to talk about an important issue. 

And hey, why not. Sex can often be a taboo topic (even in 2016) and consequently, really important conversations surrounding safe practices can be left out of the equation. 

So when the condom emoji did not come to fruition, Durex decided to ramp up their campaign using the classic phallic emoji: the eggplant. If it wasn't going to get an official emoji, it was going to make use of one that everyone uses in interesting positions. (We're talking about in a text of course). 

We love the approach: is fresh, funny but still to the point. Durex took a play on words and made it into something tangible, theoretically of course.

That’s how you insert personality into a touchy subject. 

Fast Company brings all the juicy details to light below. 

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