Nestle Made a Sweet Deal with Salesforce on a New Lab

August 2, 2016 E.J. Schultz of AdvertisingAge

Engaging with customers doesn't do much good if a brand has no idea what the customers are saying. 

There's so much data out there. And while brands can hire all the math and tech geeks they want, are they truly getting that deep data analysis? Do they know how to monitor social chatter apart from rephrasing what people have been tweeting? 

Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. Sometimes this is a game better left to the experts. 

When it comes to brands getting to know and interact with their customers, it's a much bigger task than just replying to comments. It means actually understanding customer perspectives and being able to predict what customers both want and need. 

Once this becomes habit, brands can produce the kind of content that viewers want to engage with, not the content they are forced to engage with. 

Nestle and Salesforce get this (and we like what they have going). 

Together, the two powerhouses have opened a "consumer engagement centre" to monitor brand conversations, according to AdvertisingAge

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