Learning with Logan: May 16-23

May 23, 2017 Logan Kazman

Do you know what it means to be a social butterfly?

It's not that person you envied in high school who could talk about anything with anyone.

It's the person who can hang with the hashtags, be in the know on which social media giants owns which app and navigate the all the tiny (or huge) feature updates that you had no idea about.

Oh and this all happens well before her first coffee, we might add. 

Logan Kazman, The Tite Group's own social media specialist, is just that person around here. Every Tuesday, she'll be sharing "Learning with Logan" where you'll get the inside scoop on the top social media news of the week. 

All in point form too. Phew!

Snapchat and Instagram Both Customize Stories...

  • The two social media platforms are back at it again with the monkey-see, monkey-do game. 

  • Snapchat now allows for Stories to be sent to a specific group or even be geographically fenced in. Going on a Girl's Trip, for example? Now you and your friends can contribute to a single group Story, all sharing and building upon memories in the same place. 

  • Trailing closely behind is Instagram, which has just launched an updated Stories functions that allows users to find Stories in two new ways: through location and through hashtag. Now users won't be restricted to seeing popular videos or videos suggested based on follows. Backpacking through Europe and need some ideas for stuff to do? Just check in to see what people are up to nearby. 

  • Hit or Miss:  This back and forth game between Snapchat and Instagram is getting tiresome. When will either platform do something that's truly different from one another? What we'd like to see is a concerted, strategic effort from each platform to do something that makes each individual truly unique. That said, both features are useful for fans of the social apps. Customization is a great way of cutting through the clutter and creating special user experiences.

...Then Snapchat and Instagram Both Get Rated Poorly for Youth Mental Health.

  • According to a study released by Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) in the UK, Snapchat and Instagram were ranked as having the worst impact on youth's mental health. Called #StatusOfMind, the report was based on responses from 1,500 young people aged 14-24 and looked at both the positive and negative effects of social media. 

  • "It's interesting to see Instagram and Snapchat ranking as the worst for mental health and wellbeing – both platforms are very image-focused and it appears they may be driving feelings of inadequacy and anxiety in young people," said Shirley Cramer, CEO of RSPH.

  • Hit or Miss:  Clearly, this is a miss. Regardless of being a fan of the two platforms, we can't avoid an issue like this. Being something that's so common in a young person's life, it's crucial that these social media platforms start taking a deeper look at how they affect youth. If these social media platforms want to be a staple in young people's day-to-day activities, then they've got to recognize the roll they play and how they can do more to reverse the stigma and effect of mental health issues. 

  • What do you think social media platforms could do for mental health? Let us know at @TheTiteReport.

Pennington's Launches a Body-positive Social Anthem

  • Created by Lg2, Pennington's has launched another video in its #IWontCompromise series, profiling Akira Armstrong founder of the plus-sized dance company Pretty Big Movement.

  • The video covers Akira's work with Pretty Big Movement, along with personal stories from her dancers and then shows the "poweranthem" that was created just for her business and the work it does in empowering women of all sizes. 

  • Hit or Miss: What an inspiring campaign! This spot does a great job of telling a deeply personal but also honest story to wake viewers up to the discrimination that happens around peoples' sizes. To top it all off, the clothing brand's name isn't even mentioned until the end (in the smaller-sized font, not less). Pennington's put its product after its belief of self-love (literally links to buy clothes don't appear until the very bottom of the micro-site), allowing viewers to focus on the more important messaging first. 

National Bank Tries Out Facebook Messenger

  • Together with Automat, The National Bank of Canada will soon be offering its customers a chatbot service through Facebook Messenger. 

  • “We believe that conversational marketing and AI will have a positive impact on our customers’ experience over time, and we chose to work with Automat since they are the leader in this new emerging category.”

  • Hit or Miss: While it's one of those things where we'll only really know about its success as time goes on and people get chatting, we think this is a great way for brands to smartly invest in the customer experience. Twitter doesn't have to be the only place to get a brand to reply and the benefit of a chatbot is that people can get personalized responses right away instead of the general "Please DM us your contact info." 

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