Learning with Logan: February 6 - 13

February 14, 2017 Logan Kazman, Social Media Specialist

Do you know what it means to be a social butterfly?

It's not that person you envied in high school who could talk about anything with anyone.

It's the person who can hang with the hashtags, be in the know on which social media giants owns which app and navigate the all the tiny (or huge) feature updates that you had no idea about.

Oh and this all happens well before her first coffee, we might add. 

Logan Kazman, The Tite Group's own social media specialist, is just that person around here. Every Tuesday, she'll be sharing "Learning with Logan" where you'll get the inside scoop on the top social media news of the week. 

All in point form too. Phew!

Nike Swooshes In New Equality Spot 

  • Nike debuted their new campaign called “Equality” during the 59th Grammy Awards. This powerful spot features a variety of well-known athletes like LeBron James, Serena Williams, Gabby Douglas, Kevin Durant and more.

  • The Campaign falls during Black History Month – and encourages people to “take the fairness and respect they see in the sport and translate them off the field.”

  • Hit or Miss: This new campaign by Nike is definitely one to be watched. Not only does it highlight such an important and timely message, but it’s done in a way that is inspiring, uplifting, and above all, effective. Anyone can preach the message of equality, but Nike is
    using the niche power effect of sports to inspire people to take action within their own communities. The brand's clever analogy that the "ball should bounce the same" for anyone also helps position the brand as an authority figure with a strong voice and opinion in the sports world. 

Valentine’s Day Brand Plays 

  • Roses and chocolates used to be the quintessential Valentine’s Day treats, but now, some brands are pushing for way more! 

  • KFC was promoting a ChickenGram where chicken lovers had to share their most compelling love story to earn a bucket of fried chicken

  • Lastly, Burger King Israel offered an adult Valentine’s Day Meal with a rated R toy inside.  

  • Hit or Miss: While these playful ideas are funny, are they relevant and do they have a longstanding benefit for the brand? On one hand, these brands should avoid spending copious amounts of media dollars, creative resources, and more on a "one and done" project. They'd have much better long-term success with ideas that produce content on a greater, more lasting scale. Yet, if you have the money and resources, why not? If brands have a big enough following and resources readily available, then sure – engage, have fun, and see what comes of it. If anything, it's timely and audiences will get a good kick out of the personality that shines through in each brand play.

How Gen X, Y, and Z Consume YouTube Video Content


  • Above is a powerful infographic that helps demonstrate how generation X, Y, and Z use YouTube. Generation X is listed as people born from 1960s to around the late 1970s. Generation Y (also known as the millenials)  are listed from 1980s to early 2000s, and Generation Z is the post-millenial age group.  

  • Influenster conducted a survey of 8,500 people regarding their YouTube viewing habits. The survey studied the type of content they watch to how often they visit the site. “When it comes to video platforms that consumers go to watch product reviews, we see very compelling differences,” said Elizabeth Scherle, co-founder and president of Influenster.

  • What is most interesting here is that Generation X watched the most educational videos, while Generation Y watched the most workout videos, and Generation Z watched the most vlogs and style collection videos. 

  • Hit or Miss: This infographic is a great illustration that reinforces the power of video content but how that power manifests differently between different generations. Above all, this is a great snapshot that marketers should use to hone in on their target and use as inspiration for producing new video content. Understanding how your audiences work is the golden key to success.

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